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"outrunning january"

Three best friends from Caerphilly challenge themselves to run 100km during January to fundraise for Tŷ Hafan! Read More


"festive displays mark end of a difficult year"

Our charity shops have been challenging each other to brighten up the winter months of what has been a challenging year with their festive window competition. Read More


"remembering siôn"

Siôn's childhood friendships with Tom and Michael made sure he was part of the Tŷ Hafan family. His family and friends honour his memory by continuing his support. Read More

Bald Haven Dynamos

"dynamos go the distance"

The Bald Haven Dynamos have already competed in an Everest challenge which has seen them raise over £4,000 for Tŷ Hafan, but they then decided to complete their own Ironman distance triathalon called 'Challenge 600' to raise further funds!  Read More


"my first 100 days at tŷ hafan"

Our CEO, Maria Timon Samra, reflects on the last 100 days since starting her role at Tŷ Hafan Read More

Night In with Tŷ Hafan

"night in with tŷ hafan"

You're invited to join us next Friday for a 'Night In With Tŷ Hafan' — a sophisticated evening of fun, food and fundraising Read More


"green, green grass of home"

Here, Rhian Rogers, teacher at Rumney Primary School, tells us how her community has helped one of our families in this week’s #FamilyFriday. Read More

Perform for PPE

"performing for ppe"

“Perform for PPE”, based in Sully, invite you to their online festival to help us fundraise during the Covid outbreak Read More


"this is me… king cai"

Hiya, my name is King Cai and I am 11 years old. I was born with Vici Syndrome but I have never allowed my disability define me. Read More


"my personal lockdown challenge"

The "enthusiasm, positivity and care" Helen felt when visiting her nephew at Tŷ Hafan inspired her and her family to fundraise for the charity Read More

family stories

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osian's story

Just hours after Osian Liddlell was born, his parents' joy turned to fear, as their precious baby boy was transferred to the neo natal intensive care unit. A rash had spread across his face and body and doctors immediately started carrying out tests to find out why.  Read More


riley's story

When baby Riley came into the world 7 years ago, his parents couldn't wait for him to meet his three older brothers. But as soon as Riley was born, his parents knew something wasn't quite right.  Read More

Molly and Emily

molly and emily's story

Sisters Molly and Emily bring so much joy and love to their mum and dad's lives, but since they were born, life is not how their parents James and Sarah ever expected it to be.  Both girls were born healthy babies two years apart but as time went on, their parents noticed their daughters weren't developing as they should be. Read More


lilly-may's story

Doctors diagnosed Lilly-May with Leukodystrophy, a life-limiting brain condition that affects the central nervous system, which is responsible for nearly everything we do from our heartbeats to walking. Read More


luca's story

Luca Pucella was a happy, energetic little boy with an infectious laugh, a wicked sense of humour and a tremendous zest for life.  He brought love and joy to the lives of his family, his friends and everyone who knew him.  But something made Luca different to other boys.  He suffered from a rare, life-limiting condition, and in November 2017, when he was just eleven years old, Luca passed away. Read More


felix's story

When Dan and Alex's baby son Felix was just a few months old, his parents received the devastating news that their little boy had a life-limiting condition and would never walk, talk or even live past infancy. Read More


cai's story

Even though Micaela knew she had a high risk pregnancy, she and her partner Matthew had no idea about just how poorly their little boy was going to be. Read More


elain's story

Elain James was referred to Tŷ Hafan in January 2011 when she was just 8 months old. Elain was antenatally diagnosed with congenital heart disease, but it wasn't until she was born that her family knew the full extent of her illness. Read More


alice's story

When Alice was born at 34 weeks, the doctors delivered devastating news to her mum and dad – their newborn baby girl had just 20 minutes to live. Barry and Rebecca had known their daughter was at risk since their 20-week scan had picked up problems, with serious implications for their unborn baby’s safety. But they could never have imagined the difficult road that lay ahead of them. Read More


ollie's story

When baby Ollie was born in June 2014, he wasn’t breathing.  So he was resuscitated before being put in the arms of his Mum, Sophie.  She and her husband Sean took their precious new-born son home the next day, but for some reason, they knew something wasn’t right.  Read More

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