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end of life care

end of life care

When the time comes for you to consider end of life care for your child, we can support your family and help you make choices about the environment in which you receive this care. 

You may be in a position where your child’s condition has deteriorated quickly or you may have experienced a slower regression when faced with these decisions.

We understand how difficult these conversations can be for both parents and professionals, but we, at Tŷ Hafan, are experienced in helping every parent plan to achieve the very best end of life care for their child.

“We are now living in the hospice, waiting for that moment. I can’t imagine being anywhere else. We agreed as part of Archie’s care plan that we would like him to pass here and it’s the best decision we have made.”

Bereaved dad Brad

The whole family’s needs will be considered, and we can support each family member to be involved in the care of your child during their end of life.

Whether you prefer your child to be cared for at the hospital, at our hospice or at home, we can provide advice, guidance and support to help. 

Our staff are experienced in managing complex symptoms and we will work closely with the child’s medical and nursing team to make sure all their symptoms are under control when they reach end of life. 

“We were able to have a celebration of Ieuan’s life at the hospice and about 80 of our family and friends attended, sharing our love, memories and achievements of our boy – it was truly special.”


We can help each family member capture precious memories of their child, helping them treasure the time they spent together. 

At the time of your child’s death, we will allow your family to come together and mourn your loss, with the assurance that we are there to provide comfort and continued support in the following days and weeks.

We can help you plan your child’s funeral and ensure that it is a celebration of their life, however short. 



We can support your family in dealing with the grief that you will experience after the death of your child.