Ty Hafan

Facebook Birthday Fundraiser

why not fundraise through Facebook on your birthday?

Thank you for thinking about how you can support Tŷ Hafan on your birthday by asking for donations towards the services we provide for our families.

If you are tech savy and already know how to get your birthday fundraiser started, then head over to our Facebook fundraiser to set up and share your page.

If this is your first time, then don’t worry as we have a very simple guide for you to follow. Before you set up your Facebook fundraiser, make sure you can tick the below off your checklist:

  • Make sure you have your birthday set up on Facebook
  • Set yourself a target of how much money you would like to raise
  • Pick a title and description for your fundraiser, for example, "Crystal's Big Birthday Fundraiser for Tŷ Hafan" & "Celebrate my birthday with me by donating to a charity close to my heart"
  • Choose the date you want your fundraiser to end

Click here for your Facebook birthday fundraiser guide


start fundraising today


Here are our top ten tips for making your Facebook fundraiser a success

1. Ask close friends and family to make the first donations to get you started. You could even donate yourself! Other people on your Facebook are much more likely to donate if they see that you’ve already received donations.

2. Share your personal reasons as to why you are fundraising for Tŷ Hafan on your page and when you post updates.

3. Make sure you get all of your family and friends involved to celebrate your birthday. You could send your friends and family a message with a link to your Facebook fundraiser page.

4. Consider suggesting a donation amount rather than a birthday gift instead.

5. Monitor your donations and make sure you give regular updates on your fundraising.

6. Share stories from our main Facebook to yours and add your birthday fundraiser link. This will give your friends a better understanding of the services we provide and know exactly how their donation will help support our families.

7. Make sure you increase your goal amount when you reach it.

8. To increase donations, why not set up your Facebook birthday fundraiser two weeks before the big day?

9. Make sure you always say thank you to your friends and family often, a little thank you goes along way and they may even then support you if you choose to fundraise for us in another way in the future.

10. It’s your birthday so have as much fun as possible with it! No fundraising goal is too small or too large.

Happy Birthday from Ty Hafan