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a brother’s story

During Children’s Hospice Week (11-17 May) we will be hearing from each member of the Watkins family about how Tŷ Hafan supports them.

They give an insight into what it’s like to care for their twins who have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and how Tŷ Hafan is there for the whole family.

brotherI have twin brothers who are 13 years old who have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We have been coming to Tŷ Hafan since 2009. I have had some great times at Tŷ Hafan and have attended many sibling evenings.

This gave the opportunity to meet other siblings in a similar situation as myself. We could talk about our concerns as well as chilling and having a good laugh. Some of the fun times have been in Tŷ Hafan when I have spent many evenings playing cards in the Cwtch with other boys and the care team. The Cwtch is also a place where I have been able to talk to the staff about absolutely anything.

I have been a Tŷ Hafan volunteer since I was 16 helping with bucket collecting and have been a volunteer in the Tŷ Hafan shop in Merthyr for the last three years. I am passionate and committed to this charity and I feel it is a way of giving something back for all the help and support it gives my family and other families across Wales. The staff in the shop work really hard to encourage the members of the public to contribute, buy from the shop and return as often as possible. I also promote the sale of the Tŷ Hafan Crackerjackpot lottery.

People don’t always realise the number of different services Tŷ Hafan provide as it's not just about the hospice. It provides support for the whole family both in the hospice and in the home.

If it wasn’t for the public who donate generously to the charity, families like mine would struggle to cope. I would like to thank everyone who donates to Tŷ Hafan.