Ty Hafan

family stories - Rhys

lewys and rhodri’s questions

During Children’s Hospice Week (11-17 May) we will be hearing from each member of the Watkins family about how Tŷ Hafan supports them.

They will give an insight into what it’s like to care for their twins who have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and how Tŷ Hafan is there for the whole family.

What do you like about Tŷ Hafan?

We like everything about it; the food, the pool, the bath, the bribery from the staff and ‘borrowing’ things from the managers offices and holding them for ransom.

What are some of your favourite memories?

When our parents went to Las Vegas for a holiday, the care staff wanted to give us our own little taste of Las Vegas and decided to organise a Las Vegas-themed week. We dressed up a care team member as the Statue of Liberty, we had American style food cooked by the kitchen staff and we made a quiz to test the care team’s knowledge.

During one of our visits, we started directing a film we called, The Flood. We managed to get one of the nurses to act a part, another nurse doing the camera work and a care team member playing a voice part in the film. We also used some of the computer software to create a title page and introduction to the film.

rhodri lewys easter

Making members of staff do something called ‘The Chicken Dance’ as a form of initiation to our team is something we like to do. However, one of these times we asked a student nurse to do it outside when it was raining, but just as she started a group of people in smart clothes, visiting the hospice to have a look around walked through the front room and caught the student nurse outside dancing like a chicken. We thought this may seem strange to them but we were delighted to see them all laughing and even cheering her along.

How would you describe yourselves in three words?

As our mum was also here when we were asked this question she wanted us to point out that we aren’t the same in Tŷ Hafan as we are in school with all the other children. We aren’t very talkative in school but when we stay here we feel comfortable and confident to be ourselves. So we will describe ourselves in three words in Tŷ Hafan and three words in school, with our mother’s help.

School: Quiet, Well behaved and sensible.
Tŷ Hafan: Mischievous, wicked and talkative
What would you say to people who support Tŷ Hafan?

We would like to say thank you to everyone who supports Tŷ Hafan. We are extremely grateful and wouldn’t have all these fantastic memories and experiences without your ongoing support. Please keep supporting Ty Hafan.