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molly and emily’s story

My name is Sarah and I am Mum of two beautiful girls Molly and Emily. Molly and Emily both have Rett syndrome but despite their condition they're always happy, smiling, very sociable but most of all very brave young girls, and they always put a smile on everyone's face especially Mammy and Daddy.
As for us, speaking on behalf of myself and James (Dad) - struggling to be parents and carers over the years has been very difficult emotionally and physically.

We first heard about Tŷ Hafan from our key worker back in 2009 and at first we were unsure about leaving the girls in respite, we'd never done anything like that before but that feeling soon changed.

Mum, Dad, Emily and Molly sat around a lit birthday cake

In 2010 we had our first visit and as soon as we arrived we felt at home straight away, we immediately felt comfortable and relaxed by the amazing staff. We absolutely loved it and have done ever since. I really don't know what we would have done without it because despite our family around us supporting us we always felt that having Tŷ Hafan made that feeling of isolation go away because you met other lovely families in the same boat as you, you knew that when you'd talk to them they'd understand completely how you were feeling and we've kept in touch with a few families we've met over the years which is lovely.

I always feel that when I'm at Tŷ Hafan it's not just rest time that's important it's also time with my girls where I can be just a Mum instead of a carer - and so it's for those reasons our government need to fund more to this amazing hospice because without it, us and a lot of other families would be completely lost, so it's important that our government realize how much this means to us.

Through the pandemic it's been very difficult for us all - with the girls not attending school, not having carers come in and help out, not seeing family and friends, and visiting places we love.

Our respite overnight care here weren't able to provide the weekly support we were getting so this was a massive strain on us throughout. However they did provide some support, the girls had a few overnight stays with them but the gap in between was huge when you're non-stop, so that's when Tŷ Hafan stepped in.

Our support worker Kirsty kept in touch on a regular basis to see how we were and it was brought to her attention the strain we were under, so the hospice were able to give us some respite in September or August of 2020 and November, so you can imagine this was an absolute godsend for us.

We have always appreciated the help we receive from the hospice and I would be lost without our Tŷ Hafan family. They deserve a lot more than what they get from the government.

Emily and Molly sat next to each other laughing and smiling