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how to leave a gift

leaving a gift

We understand that your family and friends will always come first, but please do consider leaving a gift to Tŷ Hafan as well.

Leaving a gift to Tŷ Hafan in your Will is very straightforward, but you should always seek independent legal advice from a solicitor to prepare your Will. That way your Will is legal and valid.

To find your nearest solicitor, we suggest using the Law Society. Alternatively, you can use the National Free Wills Network, find out more here.

The kind of gifts you can give

A share of your estate – after you have provided for your family and friends, you can leave the remainder of your estate to us. This is called a residuary gift.

A cash gift – this is an exact sum of money and is called a pecuniary gift.

A specific gift – this could be a piece of jewellery or any other specific item you mention in your Will.

We really do appreciate all gifts – large and small – and every pound received will make the lives of those who need our support a little bit brighter.

Important information for your solicitor

To leave a gift in your Will to Tŷ Hafan, you must include the following details in it:

Tŷ Hafan, The family hospice for young lives, Hayes Road, Sully, CF64 5XX

Registered Charity Number: 1047912

Updating an existing will?

If you would like to amend your will you can either revoke your current will and make a new one or you can add an amendment/s to your current will. This amendment is known as a codicil and must be written and signed in the presence of two independent witnesses.

Please download your Codicil Form here

Have a question?

If you would like more information about leaving a gift in your Will, please contact our Legacy Team or read our common questions.


our promise to you

We understand that leaving a gift in your Will is a big decision. We want you to feel confident about how we will use your gift and the information you provide to us.