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I have been a play and activity volunteer at Tŷ Hafan for over 15 years and was the first volunteer to start at the hospice following its opening.

Having had a career teaching across all age groups, from three to 19, I can relate to all the children at Tŷ Hafan and I also enjoy the company of the carers and siblings as well.

I love coming here. It is the happiest place I have ever worked in and there is always something different to help with. I love story-time and enjoy creating a variety of different activities around our stories and especially love when we all have sing songs! We have great fun creating scientific experiments – the best are always the exploding ones! I help the children make seasonal cards and craft work, and so enjoy the pleasure that I know these small things can bring when they are given to friends and family.

I am more than willing to help out wherever I am needed around the hospice and have been known to lend a hand with lunches when necessary! But most of all, I just have the most enjoyable time playing together with the children and their families. I have the motto “Carpe Diem”, make every day count and when people ask me how I can be a volunteer for Tŷ Hafan I always say – because it makes me happy!

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Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills, put old ones to use, meet lots of great people and gain valuable work experience.