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bereaved mum takes to the catwalk to thank charity

When parents Lee and Lucy took eight-week-old Ezra to the doctors with a chest infection, they never thought that two weeks later they would be saying goodbye to their precious son.


Ezra was born on 12 January 2015 without any complications and appeared to be a healthy baby boy. Lee Morgan and Lucy Froley from Bridgend were delighted to complete their family and give their two-year-old daughter, Bailey, a beautiful younger brother.

But a few months later, Ezra became poorly so Lucy took him to see their GP.

Lucy said: “Ezra fell ill with a chest infection which we didn't think was much to worry about until I took him to the doctors. After two minutes, the doctor gave him oxygen and an ambulance was called.”

Ezra was taken to the University Hospital of Wales and was put on a life-support machine.

After being diagnosed with SMA Type 1 – a rare genetic muscular disease – he was referred to Tŷ Hafan, the hospice for children in Wales.

“Tŷ Hafan took care of us as there was no cure for Ezra's condition,” said Lucy.

“Before going, I had no idea about Tŷ Hafan and what they did. They are a brilliant charity which helps children and families through the hardest times of their lives.


“They supported us with anything, from making us tea to talking to us and making memories happen.

“Ezra survived 24 hours after being taken off the ventilator at Tŷ Hafan. In those 24 hours, Tŷ Hafan made so many memories happen for us – hand and foot prints of Ezra and his two-year-old big sister, and finger prints on little butterflies.

“Before Ezra passed away on 6 March we had the most fabulous and magical family day anyone in our circumstances could dream of. All thanks to Tŷ Hafan. Nothing was hard work for them and they cooked all our family food. We could have had all our family to stay too.”

As a way to say thank you, Lucy  is taking part in a fashion show in aid of Tŷ Hafan with other mums supported by the charity.

“I am so happy to take part in the Tŷ Hafan fashion show to raise more money and to make people aware of how hard things can be, and how brilliant Tŷ Hafan is,” said Lucy.

“I want to make sure everyone is aware of what Tŷ Hafan does instead of finding out like me and my family.”

Tickets for the fashion show, taking place at Porthcawl’s Hi-Tide Hotel at 6.30pm on 12 November, are £7.50 and can be bought from Cerys’ Closet in Kenfig Hill, or Tŷ Hafan’s shop in Porthcawl.