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Meet Vicky and Alison, two of our lottery volunteers

Vicky Herbert and Alison Peplow volunteer at Tŷ Hafan’s head office, helping with all things lottery and banking. From counting donations to preparing lottery raffle tickets, their time and support is priceless in the department.

Alison explains: “I’m not a stranger to the lottery department at Tŷ Hafan — I’ve been a member of the Crackerjackpot since 2000! But just last year, I decided that I wanted to support the charity even more, so I joined the as a volunteer in September 2018.

“After retiring, I found it difficult to keep myself busy and I felt like I needed to do something with my time that helped others but also got me out and about. I enquired about volunteering with Tŷ Hafan, and it just so happened that the lottery department needed a hand, and with my previous experience in bookkeeping and finance, it worked well for me.

“I come into the office once a week and I tend to count donations and help with the banking side of things — or just do whatever needs to be done! The team here are brilliant at mixing things up so I’m doing something different all the time.

“Having two healthy children makes you even more passionate about helping a children’s charity. It really hits home.”

Vicky explains: “Volunteering at Tŷ Hafan was an easy choice for me. Two of my children have special needs and it always makes me think about how easily it could’ve been my children and family being cared for here at the hospice.

“Despite having a busy life caring for four children at home, coming to Tŷ Hafan three times a week is my little escape. It gets me out of the house for a few hours to socialise and allows me to do something for me.

“I’ve been volunteering for just over a year now and I love coming into the office — the team are so inclusive and make a special effort to ensure you always feel part of the team. It’s nice to feel like you’ve made their lives easier as well as contributing to the charity as a whole.

Alison added: “While we never expect a ‘thank-you’, it’s lovely to know how valued we are as volunteers. It’s a satisfying feeling knowing that you’re contributing to such an important cause and helping to make a difference to so many children and their families.”

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