music therapy

Many children with life-limiting conditions have difficulties with communication.

However, almost everyone responds to music, regardless of any physical or cognitive disability.

Our music therapist improvises music in response to a child’s music playing, singing, movements, breathing pattern or mood. Children are given plenty of time to initiate or respond to the music. This may give the child a sense of being heard and accepted. This helps to build a positive and therapeutic relationship between child and therapist.

Music therapy also builds a child’s confidence and self-esteem. With all the struggles children with life-limiting conditions face, music therapy offers escapism, relaxation, fun and a way of expressing themselves.

music therapy

Please support our work and help us raise £25,495 for children with life-limiting conditions to enjoy all the benefits of music therapy.  Your gift will help a child enjoy a full life.

Project target: £25,495             Raised: £2,000

Music therapy can provide emotional support in a similar way to counselling and can also be a way of developing skills. It can be particularly beneficial for a child who is unable to speak as it offers them a means of expression without words.

“Saul loves songs and nursery rhymes and beams when he hears them. He also enjoys listening to the flute and relaxes to its sound. When Saul’s health hasn’t been as good, we have used the sessions to help him relax. I play lots of flute and sing songs so that he can lie back and let the music wash over him. The sessions have benefited Saul, and his mum and dad have really enjoyed them as well”


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