Ty Hafan

#family friday

amazing archie’s super siblings!

I felt compelled to write this morning after taking the picture that accompanies this blog whilst on a family ‘Bigfoot’-hunt in the forest with Lauren, Jack and Matilda.

The picnic was packed, the wooded destination chosen, the Bigfoot stories were prepared and and off we went.

I love spending time with the family when we’re out on our walks, like when I’m hiking, there’s nothing like being out in the open to fully appreciate what we have around us and how nature can be a soothing influence on the soul.


We had a great time! Jack went exploring, Matilda switched her usual autopilot mode on and waddled and toddled anywhere her legs could take her; through mud, over bracken, around trees – she has no fear that girl!

When we returned, I uploaded my photos to Facebook and this particular one had a profound effect on me. The gradient of height between Jack and Matilda is too steep. Someone was obviously missing.

However, upon reflection and thought, Archie was only physically missing from this photo as he was there with us; all in spirit and in our hearts.

I believe that he is in this picture, invisible to the lens and our eyes, but walking between Jack and Matilda, an arm around each of them, his energy instilled and being carried through them. Archie hanging out in the woods with his brother and sister on an adventure together – looking out for them Bigfoots!

Brad and Archie

As any parent, you hope for your kids to be happy in whatever they do and I’m sure Jack, Matilda and ‘yet-to-be-named and soon-to-be-delivered’ will be that, in everything they do because of Archie’s flame being kept alight through them and the wee man being there in spirit like in the photo above.

I’m in awe of Jack’s strength since Archie’s diagnosis through to today. He continues to be a beacon of light and memory for his little brother. And I’m sure he will carry this through his life and continue the Watson ethos of producing ‘Good from Bad’.

Matilda, yet so young, who doesn’t really know about Archie at this stage of her life, provides so much joy to our family. Her energy is double that of what we expected and we’re certain her way of carrying Archie’s flame is by doing the job plus his (and perhaps a half more!) 

She will learn about her older brother in time and if she has Jack as her peer in this respect then the positivity and strength will be passed down. Between them they can then teach their new younger brother (currently in the post, delivery expected November) how he can keep the flame burning too. 

Hats off to Archie’s super siblings and hats off to any siblings whose brother or sister is poorly, disabled or life-limited. Much respect to you all.