Ty Hafan

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ponytypridd shop manager's day at the hospice 

jane huxton

Q: Tell us about your day at Tŷ Hafan.

A: In the morning, a company called the Starlight Storytelling Company put on a show for all the children. It was the first time they had ever been to a hospice before, because in the past they had only been given the opportunity to perform at schools. They truly enjoyed themselves as did the children and I.

Q: How many children where there?

A: There were four day care children and a few staying at the hospice. The day care children come to the hospice once a month, and get to join in with a few of the children staying at the hospice to enjoy the fun and games. It was nice there only being a few children because it gave me the chance to mingle and play with them and get to know them better.

Q: Did you get chance to talk to the parents at all?

A: Yes, at lunch time we all sat in the lounge and had some food. I had the chance to talk to the parents about their children and how they cope and how Tŷ Hafan supports them.

play day

Q: What did you do after lunch?

A: After lunch, I had the chance to help out some of the team from the hospice, changing a bed and sorting out one of the rooms before joining the children once again for some arts and crafts. We played with some play dough and made some animals. At the end of the day, the day care children left with a little gift to help remind them of the great time they had, making it that little bit more memorable for them.

Q: Has this experience changed your perspective of Tŷ Hafan in any way?

A: It gives you a fresh perspective of why we do what we do. It has encouraged me to work harder and raise more money for the children, to enable them to have many more great experiences like today. It's an extremely happy place to be, not sad at all.

Q: Would you recommend a shadow day to anyone else?

A: Yes, I would recommend it to everyone. It was a fun experience and I would love to go again.