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extending our reach

Jeremy Jackson Family FridayMore children than ever before are being cared for by Tŷ Hafan. The number increased to 260 following the admission to care of 49 children last year and yet we know there remain many families in Wales that would benefit from the care of Tŷ Hafan who we have yet to identify.

However, it’s not just the number of children in care that presents our challenge.

Predicting their future needs given changes to the make up of our population, changes to practice within the National Health Service in Wales, changes to condition based prognosis and children being admitted at ever younger ages, many of them babies, make predicting and responding to future needs more complicated than you might think.

Whatever the future holds, we know there’s a constant. We’ll be required to provide more and increasingly complex care in more places to more children more geographically dispersed throughout Wales.

To do so, we need to raise more money. Right now we are getting busy with relationship building with companies, groups and individuals, running more campaigns and events, opening new shops and further developing our lottery, Crackerjackpot. We’ve never worked harder.

We had a good year last year, we increased our income by nearly 5%, but we need to do more this year, a lot more if we’re to provide the care that is needed and remain one of the World’s leading exponents of paediatric palliative care and an institution of which all of Wales can be proud.

Thanks for your support. You built Tŷ Hafan and your ongoing support is enabling us to predict, and respond to, the needs of life-limited children and their families, enabling us to provide care and to be there for them.

Jeremy Jackson, Director of Fundraising and Marketing