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Long standing supporters, Circle and willing partners have set themselves the goal of travelling the circumference of the Earth, 40,075km, to fundraise as much money as possible for Tŷ Hafan’s refurbishment appeal.



When Circle heard that Tŷ Hafan needed to raise £170,000 to get over the finishing line of the project, they were quick to show their support. They have always been a supporter of Tŷ Hafan, having organised and taken part in numerous events to raise money for the amazing work they do. The IT Company, based in Cardiff, has a strong ethos of supporting the community they work in, which is evident from the efforts they consistently make for charity as well as the support they give to local schools and sports teams.

With the prolonged restrictions that we are all experiencing and the difficulty to fundraise socially, the challenge is an opportunity for everyone at Circle to get active, even if just for a short walk. As part of Circle’s 40,075km goal, the team organised and took part in a 24-hour relay where a member of the team was walking, running or cycling constantly over the 24-hour period. On the 6 and 7 February, 23 people from Circle took part in the challenge and were able to cover a brilliant 500km to go towards the total distance. Steve Muller, who took part in the challenge cycled for an additional three hours during the relay and covered an amazing 140km!

Their 24 hour challenge had support from the Ospreys and Cardiff Blues, so the team certainly has people routing for them! The event was a huge success, not only in the distance covered or donations they received but it was a chance for the team to band together when they had been remote working for the best part of a year.

Kate Dyer, part of the team taking on the challenge has spoken about the enthusiasm the company has for doing this type of work. “I think it’s very much part of who Circle are, it’s an intrinsic part of the company and a standard we have. I’ve only been with the company for nine months and even in that short time, we have done more to support others than I have seen done in other companies over several years.”

The effort that people are going to to reach the goal isn’t just focused on those covering the most distance. Circle announces weekly winners based on nominations other participants put forward to highlight any individual’s efforts.

“There’s no doubt that the pandemic has affected life for everyone in some way and the amazing work that Tŷ Hafan does for families who need paediatric palliative care has also been hit. Their fundraising efforts have been significantly halted because of the various lockdowns and restrictions, so we wanted to help. Fundraising alongside my colleagues at Circle has been a no-brainer for me! If I can jump on a bike in the garage and just keep pedalling for a few hours and in some way it helps those families who need the help Tŷ Hafan offers then, of course, I was going to do it and keep going to help rack up those kilometres!”

So far, as of 15 February, Circle have travelled 17,708.2km and fundraised over £4,000 for Tŷ Hafan’s refurbishment appeal. Circle and Partners are continuing in their efforts to cover the distance and won’t stop till they have achieved their goal.

See how the team have been getting on after some inspiration from some famous faces:



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