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Tŷ Hafan help our family

Last month, nine-year-old Juwayriyah did her first sponsored walk - clocking up an amazing 15 miles and raising more than £400 for Tŷ Hafan in the process. Here she and her mum, explain why she did it and what Tŷ Hafan means to their family.

When the opportunity to do her Brownies Charity Badge – Part II came up, nine-year old Juwayriyah asked her mum to explain what charities do, and how she could possibly help.

“To start with, I was giving Juwayriyah examples of what we do for charities throughout the year,” says Juwayriyah’s mum.

#family friday

“I then explained to her that Tŷ Hafan is a charity too and that her little brother enjoys short stays there. Juwayriyah wanted to find out more about what they do so we had a look on their website, she saw an option for doing a sponsored walk – and that was it.”

The family, who live in Cardiff, have been involved with Tŷ Hafan since the summer of 2020. Juwayriyah’s little brother suffered from hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy at birth and Tŷ Hafan has given the family respite from their 24-hour caring duties by providing short breaks for her little brother. Tŷ Hafan also provided their other children an opportunity to meet other Super Sibs once a month. The family have yet to stay at Tŷ Hafan due to Covid restrictions.

Juwayriyah and her mum initially spoke with their Tŷ Hafan family support worker Shirley to ask her advice about her idea for a walk, who put her in touch with Lucy, one of our Supporter Care team. 

“Shirley was so encouraging,” says Juwayriyah’s mum, “and Lucy was lovely too. She had a good chat with Juwayriyah and then sent her a fundraising pack that included some balloons and even some Tŷ Hafan green shoelaces.”

Juwayriyah, her mum, little sister and with baby brother in his pushchair set out to walk 15 miles during the month of February. Despite biting cold and some very windy days, they completed their target with 4 walks; two from their home in Roath to Roath Lake Park around the circular walk then back home, one around Comeston Lake and one along the Cardiff Bay Barrage Trail. Juwayriyah’s dad and her brother join in the last leg of their walk along Roath Park circular walk.

#family friday

“I really enjoyed it,” said Juwayriyah. “Cardiff Bay was quite windy and I forgot to put my green laces. But I wanted to do this because Tŷ Hafan help our family.”

So far Juwayriyah has raised a whopping £400 and donations are still coming in.

“I didn’t expect so much,” says modest Juwayriyah.

This is a little poem, Diane, one of Juwayriyah’s supporters has written about her on her JustGiving page:

There once was a Young Girl named Juwayriyah, 

Who took a long walk in her area; 

She walked fifteen miles, 

With sore muscles and big smiles, 

That gallant Young Girl named Juwayriyah.

We could not put it better ourselves!

If you’d like to donate to Juwayriyah’s fundraising walk for Tŷ Hafan please go to: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/JKS9