Ty Hafan

supporting your family

community services

Caring for a child who is expected to die in childhood is likely to impact your whole family. 

Sharing your thoughts and anxieties with others in the same situation can help you cope. We can connect you with a range of support networks to help each family member. 

Children and young people living with a life-limiting condition may question their situation and seek support from their peers. Parents may welcome the support of other parents in a group setting and brothers and sisters may often want to embrace others with experience gained  in similar situations. 

We can support the individual needs of your extended family, whatever your circumstances. 

“It’s cool chatting to someone who knows what you’re going through. I really like hanging out with my friend and we both love the den!”

Rhys, who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

“Iwan gets to attend play sessions and meet other siblings. Tŷ Hafan organises him to be taken swimming and they sometimes go to the pictures, which we cannot do. He enjoys it all and has made some very good friends there.”

Mum, Julie

“I’ve been part of the dads group since last summer and we have become a close knit yet very open group. We don’t sit in a circle and talk about our feelings, we don’t have to. We all have this mutual understanding and find solace from the group.”

Bereaved father, Brad

emotional support

Would it make a difference if you were able to share your deepest thoughts and fears with an experienced and highly trained professional who can give you advice and support?